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Magic Island Book 4
- Baxter -

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My old flame is back. Trouble follows her, endangering all I hold dear. 

The summer I was eighteen, I fell in love with Eden Spade.

She was my first everything.

I wanted her forever.

But she left, ripping me apart.

I bottled my mangled heart and locked it deep.

Sure I’d never love again.

Sixteen years later, Eden’s back. 

And my heart has found its rhythm.

Pulsing with her every breath.

I shouldn’t get wrapped up in her.

We harbor deep resentments toward each other. 

And the project we’re working on reeks of foul play.

We need our wits about us to uncover the truth.

With our lives at stake, failure is not an option. 

As long as I am breathing, no one harms Eden.

Just Released!

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My Story

​Aloha! I am Summer.
I currently live in Hawaii, the melting pot.
Eating a cheeseburger today and fried noodle tomorrow.
Even welcoming Santa on a surfboard in flip-flops is something you can't experience outside of Hawaii.
Its multicultural lifestyle inspires me to come up with stories for my next book.
I love telling stories of sweet adult romance with a flavor of suspense. Always HEA!
My imagination never stops when Coconut trees sway and the ocean calls me.


Loved reading the engaging romance story. When the handsome, billionaire, Chance offers Maddie an exorbitant amount of money for 21 days, Maddie agrees to be Chance's Personal Assistant and fake girlfriend. The chemistry between Chance and Maddie becomes harder and harder to resist. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written, and a must read riveting love story.

Debbie B,


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