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Secrets of Billionaire Brothers

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I cannot rave enough about the Magic Island series of stories!! Each story is complete with a Happy Ever After and full of well-developed characters, relationships, friendships, love and romance, and SUSPENSE!

The 5th (Bonus Story) Book "Emily On My Mind by Aunt Felicia & Uncle Dan" was a wonderful addition to complete the series even more. It was fun to read about everyone from each book coming back together for a final celebration and reflections on a loved one so long ago lost. So many personalities revisited that it was a fun read that just rounded up the entire family's journeys. We also got to read points of view that weren't given previously from the heads of the family.

"21 Nights with Billionaire Boss (Magic Island Book 1 - Chance)"
Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Friendships - I LOVED this book!
This was most certainly a page-turner for me! There is a little bit of everything I love in this story. I fell in love with the characters, especially Chance and Maddie.
Maddie has recently been fired, broke up with her cheating boyfriend and took her best friend Natalie with her on the vacation to Magic Island, Hawaii instead.
The friends have a great time even after some embarrassing moments. Yikes!
Perfectly written -- I felt like I was right there in the story.

"The Protector and The Runaway Bride (Magic Island Book 2 - Landon)"
Suspense, action, friendships, love, steam. This book has it all...
I was wondering if Book 2 in the Magic Island series could be as exciting and page turning as Book 1, which was Chance and Maddie's story, and it definitely was! It felt like a reunion as I got to read about familiar characters and scenery from the first book!

The three brothers, Chance, Baxter and Landon, are so similar even with their me, that makes more sense than you think... Landon is a difficult egg to crack but he is still sooo interesting and irresistible.

Piper reminds Landon of someone from his past in some ways and he isn't ready to open up. How this story begins is riveting. The story begins with an intense mystery complete with action and danger. Piper is so scared and hurt that she fears anyone who comes near her and who could blame her?

Surprising things happen along the way as Piper gets her bearings and recovers from the ordeal she endures at the opening of this story. Within the unfolding of the story and as the development of the characters illuminate and mature, there are some moments that make you laugh and break you out of the seriousness. The peaks and valleys keep you glued to the pages and the suspense is simply captivating and exciting.

This isn't a long read but it also isn't a novella; however, I just kept reading right on through to the end because I couldn't wait to reach that HEA. I'm looking forward to the next two books coming our way in this series. Another amazing story by Summer Hunter!

"My Uncle's Irresistible Best Friend"
Lucy's Story...
Lucy is such a fun character - she's straightforward, bold, and knows what she wants. While she doesn't take crap from anyone, she does have feelings and isn't immune to mean co-workers getting to her. She can't help it that she's born into the family she is. She's a Sullivan but she's part of the Easton bunch of Magic Island in Hawaii...wealthy, very important, and dominant in the business world on the island.

So, in Book 1, we learned Chance's and Maddie's story. Then in Book 2, Piper's and Landon's romance was told. This is Book 3, My Uncle's Irresistible Best Friend and it's Lucy's story. Chance, Landon, and Baxter's feisty and fun younger cousin. Her Mom, Aunt Felicia, is sister to their mother, who passed away, and she cooks a family dinner every Sunday just as she promised her sister on her death bed that "she would keep Uncle Dan and his boys fed". The boys mean well but tend to butt into Lucy's business a bit more than she'd prefer, especially right now...who knows how everyone will feel about who she's just started spending time with...

Jackson Kent, or "Jack" to Lucy, is quite a bit older and he just happens to be Uncle Dan's best friend. Lucy is a journalist and she was tasked to create "her big story" by her boss, so she decides to do her story based on her Uncle Dan as she has always looked up to him and she believes this is a story that will catch the public's attention and gain her more respect as a journalist and not just a "privileged" member of the Easton/Sullivan family. To do this, she must interview the people in the business world who are close to him to help tell her story. Instead of setting up a meeting through his office though, she decides to just stop by his place one morning. Unannounced. This may have been fine except she happens to share the name of someone he was expecting and was then mistaken to be the new nanny for his young boy...without a chance to clear the air and explain who she really was he just introduced Lucy and his son to each other and dashed out the door! This couldn't have been more irritating for Lucy as she doesn't really like kids. But somehow she made an impression on this kid. Maybe it's her bluntness and honesty.

This is a well-written story that'll keep you turning the pages and looking forward to seeing what will happen next. I love the author's writing style and I'm really enjoying getting to know each of these characters.

While I believe it would be most enjoyable for someone to start at Book 1 of the Magic Island series, each one can be read as a standalone in that Summer introduces everyone well enough to not feel like you're missing anything crucial in order to enjoy the story.

"Reclaiming My Wounded First Love: Magic Island Book 4 - Baxter"
Baxter and Eden...
This is the last story in the Magic Island series featuring Baxter Easton and his teenage love Eden. Miscommunication seems to surround these two and a span of many years separate them...until Eden is working on a project that brings her back to Magic Island. The people she works for are pretty awful and seem suspicious. Eden butts heads with them from day 1 and begins to realize that something isn't quite right.
Baxter is such a fun character. The same free-spirited, untamed, fun-loving guy we've seen as a minor character in the first three books but we get to see the other sides to Baxter this story. He's more complex than he usually likes to let on.
Eden is a good match for Baxter because their personalities seem to be similar. She's independent and says what's on her mind even when it isn't always in her best interest.
From beginning to end, this is a page-turner and is complete with mystery, suspense, and romance that'll curl one's toes, great relationships, friendships, and moments that will make you laugh.

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with an unrevealed bonus story
"Emily On My Mind"

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My Story

​Aloha! I am Summer.
I currently live in Hawaii, the melting pot.
Eating a cheeseburger today and fried noodle tomorrow.
Even welcoming Santa on a surfboard in flip-flops is something you can't experience outside of Hawaii.
Its multicultural lifestyle inspires me to come up with stories for my next book.
I love telling stories of sweet adult romance with a flavor of suspense. Always HEA!
My imagination never stops when Coconut trees sway and the ocean calls me.


Loved reading the engaging romance story. When the handsome, billionaire, Chance offers Maddie an exorbitant amount of money for 21 days, Maddie agrees to be Chance's Personal Assistant and fake girlfriend. The chemistry between Chance and Maddie becomes harder and harder to resist. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written, and a must read riveting love story.

Debbie B,


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